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Beautiful Pictures of Picasso's Dachshund

My friend Ross is the only person I know who thinks about dachshunds the way I think about dachshunds.

The last time I saw him, we played a game called “good-not

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good”, in which we would show each other pictures of dachshunds on our iPhones, and decide whether that dachshund was good or not good.

For example, wire-haired dachshund, not good.

Classic dachshund, good.

Long-haired dachshund, not good.

We don’t like anything on our dachshund that obscures its length or its tiny, ridiculous little legs. We’re not saying that other dachshunds are bad, we just prefer Dachshund Classic.

Ross has taken to texting me with dachshund news, and today he told me some that lifted an otherwise average day. Picasso had a dachshund! His name was Lump! LUMP! And Picasso LOVED HIM. SO MUCH.

If you don’t believe me, here are the most adorable pictures you’ll ever see in your whole tiny miserable life.

Here are some things about Picasso and Lump, his best friend in the whole world.


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