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Our Favourite Band Have a New Single Out

We may be Your Favourite Website (c) but in the grand scheme of things we’re still relatively small fry. So when someone’s darling enough to send us a press release, we’re pigs in shit. Especially when said press release is from the Official Work In Prowess House Band (please?); the devilishly handsome Felix Hagan and the Family.

Remember when we told you they had a record deal not so long ago? Well, now we’ve got a new single out of it, and it’s a cracker. A collaboration with Felix’s musical hero, the spectacularly mustachioed Louis Barabbas, “My Little Lusitania” is a sexually charged tale of seduction, corruption and squandered innocence, which also involves boat metaphors. If you really need more than that from a song, we’re not sure we like you. You can listen to it over here.

There’s also a brilliant video, directed by Andrew AB (check out his other work over here). It’s got a lot of punching, a lot of swagger, and a lot of close ups of that mustache. We’re going to strongly suggest that you watch it at least once every day for the rest of your life.


“My Little Lusitania” is the first single from the upcoming mini album String Up the Entertainer, and if this has whetted your appetite you can check out their previous album Dawn Breaks, The Monster Wakes over at Bandcamp, and see their other music videos here (Not Quite SFW) and here. While you’re at it, like ’em on Facebook for news about gigs and that. Trust us when we say that you want to be at these gigs.

Frank Turner thinks they’re “fucking great!” So do we. Do our bidding.

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