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Say The Same Thing

You know OK Go, and how they’re awesome. You know? With their legacy of spectacular videos, like the one where they dance on treadmills, and the one where they set up a giant obstacle course that ends in them being covered in paint, and the one with the couple tangoing through lots of different colours that everyone thought was shit but was actually truly, truly great?

Well, they have invented a game. And yes, they’ve released it as an app, and that’s a bit lame, but whatevs (I’m absolutely downloading it – secretly I kind of love making an app out of a game you invented because of how much time you spend waiting around, although obviously it’s more fun in person). The game, and the video in which they demonstrate it, is super great.

It’s one of those ones you develop naturally when you’re with the same people all the time. Probably you invented a new one every family holiday, and you still vaguely remember the rules. This one, called Say the Same Thing, involves saying the same thing. At the same time. If (when) you fail, you wait, and then try again, but THIS TIME it’s different. You both say a word that you think connects the last two words spoken.


Anyway, though, watch the video. Melt into the sweet, sad music. Feel the pain as the two friends fail to match words. And PLAY, mother flippers. PLAY like the WIND.

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