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Have a Drink, Give a Book

Like beer, books, talking, and doing nice things? OF COURSE YOU DO, YOU’RE NOT SOME KIND OF TWATHEAD. If you do, and if you want to experience firsthand the phenomenon that is me and Caroline talking at an inhuman volume for an extended period of time, then you should absolutely come along to the East London Street Library’s book collection tomorrow afternoon.

The East London Street Library is a sensibly named organisation of badasses, who provide a free library for people who otherwise would get no reading done. Namely, people who live on the street.


SIDE NOTE: In this scenario you also have no access to Star Wars Angry Birds.

Anyway, from midday tomorrow (THAT’S SATURDAY THE FIRST, KIDS) the good people in charge will be sitting with beer and books, having a lovely time, and they’d very much like you to come and have a chat. You can bring a book or several to donate, you can find out more about what they do and how you can help, or you can just wax lyrical about how everyone’s wrong and the movie of The Great Gatsby is actually a work of genius.

I’ll be there. I’ll have spent hours obsessing over which of my books will make me look cool enough, and I’ll be second guessing myself, but I’ll be there.

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