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A Brain Dump Upon Viewing the New Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

As you may or may not know already, Work in Prowess is very much Team Spidey. Without further faffing with why Spidey is our Guy-dy (short answer: best powers, strong moral conscience, totally fuckable) here’s our braindump on the first trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Watch it here and react along with us! (Me!)


  • Does Spiderman have a friend with a plane or did he just fling himself really, really high a few seconds ago?
  • New suit eyes. HOW GREAT are the new suit eyes?
  • I like that they got past the dumb idea of a man being a rhino by making him a man in a robot rhino suit, which is only *kinda* dumb.
  • That SONY logo hit so hard it actually hurt a little.
  • Spidey’s mid-air pose is absolutely the gayest thing I have ever seen, including gay pornography.
  • So what, they’re dating now? Just like, casually? Does a promise to a dying Captain Stacey mean nothing to you, Peter?
  • Lol, Harry Osborne might as well have a humpback and a lazy eye. He’s that obviously evil.
  • But also, kind of sexy? Amiright?
  • “Well isn’t that the question of the day?”
  • Pwhoarrr, loving this weird rich nerd.
  • He almost looks like a young, mongy Leo? Like, circa Gilbert Grape?
  • After Minority Report, there must have been a big meeting where everyone swore on a bible to always use the slidey screens in table and walls to display
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  • How many people worked for how long to make that HINGED SUBWAY STATION?
  • Lol, scrolling green code. Will there ever be a time when secret futiristic plans aren’t communicated through scrolling green code?
  • Hey I wonder what kind of eels those were.
  • Was that John Hurt just now?
  • False alarm. It’s Chris Cooper.
  • I’m happy that in this movie there’s going to be no cat-and-mouse thing between Peter/Spidey and the Osbornes. Like, they know. They so clearly know. We don’t have to faff about on screen with how much or little they know. Happy about this.
  • Captain America reference with the disc/sewer lid throw thing? Maybe a visual cue to spidey’s involvement with the Avengers
  • Police cars love to jump around and do flips.
  • Couldn’t give two shits about Gwen/Peter, honestly. I know it’s Emma Stone and everything, but this feels like they’re just trying to make up the woman numbers.
  • Uhhhh, Jamie Foxx, get inside me
  • I’m so glad they made Electro look decent in post production. I was so worried for a while there.
  • Was… was that an advertisement for a future hashtag? Fuck those guys, I’m starting it now and making bare $$$.


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