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Saying it with the Socially Awkward

Mike is a dude I work with. On the spectrum of autism, he probably veers closer to Abed from Community than, say, Niles from Frasier. I say this, because it is possible to be friends with Mike, even to feel affection for Mike, but only on the understanding that he is different from you and enjoys being that way. It is very possible that your office, reading group or foster home has a Mike. And if that Mike ever leaves, or has a baby (there are girl Mikes, too) you will be at a loss at how to mark the occasion.

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It could be that you are the Mike, and you live in constant fear of being touched by everyone around you, at all times.

It could be that, despite good intentions, you are perpetually pissing people off in meetings.

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It could be that you have trouble expressing friendship in a way that is deemed traditionally appropriate.

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…or that, despite your every natural instinct that fleeing groups  made up of three or more is  correct, you have a vague idea that people expect differently from you.

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What I’m trying to get at is this: Mike is the creator of socially awkward cards, a card Tumblr where you can either download a card for free (free! gratis! totally on the house!) or buy one for, like, a quid.  A quid! Your heartfelt occasions will never be more hilarious, charming or thrifty.


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