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Indie Scented Candles

Now, there’s a pretty strong trend for strange and inexplicable marketing in the world of music. AC/DC have released a range of wines with their faces on the labels. Rammstein sell branded dildos and lube. One Direction have released a toothpaste. Read more…

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As Seen On Facebook

Complaining about changes to facebook is like complaining about the release of a new iPhone, or industrialisation, or the movement of the tectonic plates. They’re inevitable, they’re horrible, and there is always a small part of the population that has a good wank over them, while another small part of the population runs for the pitchforks. Read more…

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The Collective Literary Wank Bank, Part One

Let’s get down to the business of violently fancying literary characters. Obviously, it’s in fashion, as The Clandestine Classics series gets ready to fill out shelf with the “missing scenes” we’ve been writing ALL OUR LIVES IN OUR HEADS. I mean, who needs porn when you have brains, amirite ladies? Read more…

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