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The Subtext of

In 2011, my first year in London, I somehow wound up living on a futon in a fortune-teller’s spare room. I say “fortune-teller” because , like all people who are forty five and live alone and burn wild sage regularly, his job title was prone to frequent changes. The day I came to view the flat he was a “guru”, and when I moved out six months later, he had downgraded himself to the somewhat less grand – yet no less vague – title of “healer”. It had been a hard time for him, too. Read more…

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10 Cephalopods That Will Change The Way You Feel About Cephalopods

This is my list of Top Ten Cephalopods. Not many people even have ten favourite cephalopods. But then, I am a famous marine biologist, you fucking turnip. Read more…

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Someone Was Mean About Kristen Stewart's Poem, So We Wrote A Poem About It

When a 23 year old girl writes a poem, she tends to be a little pleased with herself. She shows her friends, she shows her boyfriend, and if she’s an international movie star, she shows a journalist from Marie-Claire. Read more…

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25 Things a Woman Should Have by Her 30s

When our respected frenemies over at The Huffington Post finally answered the day-old question “What 25 things should a woman have by her 30s?”, local milky-legged writer and real-life woman Florence Vincent decided to add a few must-haves of her own. Read more…

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Every Evil Man In History Used to be Really, Really Handsome

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a man should not give himself a nickname. Especially if he’s going to call himself “the Man of Steel.” But one idealistic young man [ed: Not Superman. That was someone else] did this. And he was handsome enough to pull it off: Read more…

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