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My Beauty Myth

It has been said that you can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, and absolutely nobody when you’re in a bathing suit. And when it comes to submitting to the pressure to be pretty, I survive by deceiving most people from a distance, constantly lying to myself and avoiding the water. Read more…

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Loaded Weapon: The Problem With Lose the Lads Mags

When I left for uni, my mum and I went through my room and threw out a lot of stuff I didn’t need any more. Read more…

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Along with all sensible people, I saw Pacific Rim as soon as it came out. I sat there, wearing the biggest and most ridiculous 3D glasses ever to exist (yes, I saw it in 3D, yes, that was a mistake, no, it wasn’t my idea, but it WAS my first ever iMax experience, so…), grasping the nearest male hand (which, fortunately, didn’t belong to a stranger) in excitement, waiting to CANCEL THE APOCALYPSE with Idris Elba, et al. Read more…

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Super(Market) Rude People

Somehow, and by completely by accident, I’ve found myself still working in a supermarket A WHOLE YEAR AND 2 MONTHS after leaving university. This oversight makes me suspect that I wouldn’t be a great army general, as it turns out I‘m not very good at noticing where I am or what I‘m doing; could be a disadvantage militarily. Read more…

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The Stupid Things that Britain Persists With

Real talk, guys, I’m gonna open up the floor here on culture shock. I’m going to ask the Big Questions. The one Big Question. And that is: why all you Brits do such cray things? Read more…

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