Work in Prowess started as a personal blog in early 2011. At first, it existed purely to satisfy the ego of its creator (hi, Caroline, me) but has since mushroomed into a super-legit comedy website with a booty that won’t quit.

Work in Prowess exists because of the future famous millionaires that make it so. It was developed and designed by the enormously talented Will Thomas. Its editor is Caroline O’Donoghue (hi again) and its other editor is Duncan Vicat-Brown.

About Work In Prowess

Work in Prowess does not promise to make you thin or improve your sex life or convince you that an avocado-based diet is the most practical form of action. It just wants to make you smile. That’s really as deep as it goes.


For any and all editorial inquiries please contact Caroline O'Donoghue the site editor.