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This week, I went to Graceland for the first time. Graceland needs no explanation yet simultaneously demands it. Graceland is the Momma and the Poppa of tourist traps. It is Disneyland for old people, the Eiffel Tower for people whose more present reality is Paris, Texas. I have wanted to go my entire life, and Graceland knows this. This is why Graceland charges $35 dollars entry fee, and why its tour packages go up to $150 just to see the inside of Elvis’ private jet. Graceland is too expensive. It knows it’s too expensive. What are you going to do, not go? it sneers, as you hand over your money. Read more…

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Sex is Terrible and We Should All Give It Up

This, I suspect, will be a hard sell.

People have been enjoying having sex with each other since the dawn of time but I’m here to tell you that people are WRONG. Every major religion has agreed that baking the lust cake and placing it in your oven will send you straight to hell, and it’s about time we listened. Read more…

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It's Time To Start Representing Men Better in Film

Following the recent complaints around the marginalization of men in films, we would like to issue the following reminder to all major studios as a warning that, while men may not make up the majority of the film going public, buy fast moving consumer goods or exercise their right to vote that often, they are still a significant demographic and must therefore be catered for. Our failure to fully cater for men is a grievous oversight that we must work swiftly to rectify. To that end, here follows a list of guidelines for future endeavours. Read more…

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Virgina Lives To Tell The Tail

Last time, on Virgina: Virgina’s regular teen life is turned upside-down when she falls for the irrepressible D, a boy who seems strangely repressed for his age. What is D’s secret? What is he keeping from Virgina? And finally, what is D hiding? Catch up with the gang here, here and here or just read on anyway. 
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Dream Casting The Mitford Sisters Film

Everyone has a dream for humanity, and my one is simple and modest. All I want from the world is for everyone in it to care about the Mitford sisters the way they care about, say, The Hobbit movies. Specifically, I want Hollywood to make movies about the Mitford sisters precisely the way they make Hobbit movies. We will live in a perfect society when there are three 150 minute movies covering the lives of Nancy, Diana, Unity, Debo, Decca, and I guess Pam if there’s time, in painstaking detail. Every feud, every dead husband, every sly jab from Nancy. Here is what that might look like. Read more…

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Re-use Sandwich Baggies and Work Your Ass Off: An Interview With Kailynn West

I am the last living person using Grooveshark, and don’t think that I don’t get shit for that. I’m too cheap for Spotify, and it’s confusing, and I hate it. I’m glad I do though, because if I didn’t, I might never have discovered Tiny Stills or its frontwoman, Kailynn West.  Read more…

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Good Job, Everybody

“They keep coming up with new ways to celebrate mediocrity, but if someone’s genuinely exceptional…”

–       Mr. Incredible, The Incredibles (2004). Read more…

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The Personalities of Stacie Orrico, Ranked

You may not completely remember the More to Life video by Stacie Orrico, but let me assure you, I am never more than two word associations away from thinking about it. The narrative is the kind of loose, idealistic one typical to noughties music video-making, in which our hero (Stacie) embodies a variety of characters, all of whom attractive, all of whom believe that there is More to Life. Read more…

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"A Dream Lecture Spiked With Drunken Party Tricks": An Interview With Karina Longworth

Tthe only thing I’ll ever need to remember 2014 is the opening bars of Serial, the sound of Bret Easton Ellis grumpily promoting a shaving supplies company and the ghost of Ingrid Bergman’s wistful “da-da-da-de-dada”. 2014 was the year I discovered podcasts, and the one that crawled under my skin like no other, the one that has become my private obsession, is Karina Longworth’s You Must Remember This.

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Your Dark Film Set in LA Is Not Dark Enough

Hey hey hey

Just out of the screener for Dark City Lights. loved it. very paul thomas anderson!!!!!

one question however: concerned that audience might not understand true dark underbelly of LA? what do you think. can we fix this in post. Read more…

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