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Protocol for lending me a book

Is there a symbol on the cover? If so, what is it? If the symbol is a weird triangle that is good, if the symbol is written in fire that is better. Read more…

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How to Sell a Book to My Dad

Name it after a year or a place, preferably combining the two. BERLIN 1945 is a good start. DUBLIN 1916 is not a bad shout either. You will probably not mimic the success of STALINGRAD but there is no shame in trying.  Read more…

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Sex is Terrible and We Should All Give It Up

This, I suspect, will be a hard sell.

People have been enjoying having sex with each other since the dawn of time but I’m here to tell you that people are WRONG. Every major religion has agreed that baking the lust cake and placing it in your oven will send you straight to hell, and it’s about time we listened. Read more…

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It's Time To Start Representing Men Better in Film

Following the recent complaints around the marginalization of men in films, we would like to issue the following reminder to all major studios as a warning that, while men may not make up the majority of the film going public, buy fast moving consumer goods or exercise their right to vote that often, they are still a significant demographic and must therefore be catered for. Our failure to fully cater for men is a grievous oversight that we must work swiftly to rectify. To that end, here follows a list of guidelines for future endeavours. Read more…

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Let Me Explain Your Clothes To You

You might not realise this from the photos you’ve googled of me, but I am actually very into fashion and am a very fashionable young lady.  Read more…

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Dream Casting The Mitford Sisters Film

Everyone has a dream for humanity, and my one is simple and modest. All I want from the world is for everyone in it to care about the Mitford sisters the way they care about, say, The Hobbit movies. Specifically, I want Hollywood to make movies about the Mitford sisters precisely the way they make Hobbit movies. We will live in a perfect society when there are three 150 minute movies covering the lives of Nancy, Diana, Unity, Debo, Decca, and I guess Pam if there’s time, in painstaking detail. Every feud, every dead husband, every sly jab from Nancy. Here is what that might look like. Read more…

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The Personalities of Stacie Orrico, Ranked

You may not completely remember the More to Life video by Stacie Orrico, but let me assure you, I am never more than two word associations away from thinking about it. The narrative is the kind of loose, idealistic one typical to noughties music video-making, in which our hero (Stacie) embodies a variety of characters, all of whom attractive, all of whom believe that there is More to Life. Read more…

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A Year In Review

This year will naturally have meant a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but given that the demographic of Work in Prowess varies by about 2 years between readers, I’m going to assume that we all had exactly the same kind of year. We wrote, we loved, we lost, we wrote, we got jobs with the word “content” in the title, we fell in love again. Janina published a book. Flo lived in Scotland. Lars Tharp was imprisoned for the murder of Hae Min Lee.  And this website chugged along, laying an egg only every so often. Because it’s fun to hear people’s own retrospectives, particularly of their own work, I asked our most popular writers to talk about our ten most popular pieces.  Read more…

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5 Inane Hidden Upsides of Rolf Harris' Arrest

Obviously there’s lots of good stuff about the police operation which has uncovered systematic institutional corruption responsible for the ruining of hundreds of young lives and brought the perpetrators of unspeakable crime to account. As well as operating a shift in the way that the police approach sex-crime in a way that will hopefully have real effects in modern society in terms of rape and abuse threats being taken more seriously and prosecuted more often no matter how long ago it took place. Read more…

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10 Cephalopods That Will Change The Way You Feel About Cephalopods

This is my list of Top Ten Cephalopods. Not many people even have ten favourite cephalopods. But then, I am a famous marine biologist, you fucking turnip. Read more…

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