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Sometimes, when you have been writing stuff for a general and quite large audience for a long time, you need to give yourself a holiday. For me, that holiday is blogs. Unpaid, unstructured, unedited, loosey-fucking-goosey blogs. Blogs are usually seen as the stepping-stone format: they are the thing you usually do before you become a writer who makes money. While that is sometimes true, it is also a little unkind to blogging as an art in itself. Is drawing with pen and ink a lesser art than painting with oils, just because pens are easier and cheaper to come by than oil? I don’t think so. Blogs let you be super specific without having to worry that you’re short-changing an editor out of their audience, and with that in mind, I want to talk to you about these fucking ducks I keep seeing everywhere. Read more…

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This week, I went to Graceland for the first time. Graceland needs no explanation yet simultaneously demands it. Graceland is the Momma and the Poppa of tourist traps. It is Disneyland for old people, the Eiffel Tower for people whose more present reality is Paris, Texas. I have wanted to go my entire life, and Graceland knows this. This is why Graceland charges $35 dollars entry fee, and why its tour packages go up to $150 just to see the inside of Elvis’ private jet. Graceland is too expensive. It knows it’s too expensive. What are you going to do, not go? it sneers, as you hand over your money. Read more…

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Jennifer Cownie: The Brains Behind #YourMum

Jen Cownie is a digital planner, an avid reader, a prodigious drinker and a dear friend. She is also the reason #YourMum is trending today. Read more…

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Sex is Terrible and We Should All Give It Up

This, I suspect, will be a hard sell.

People have been enjoying having sex with each other since the dawn of time but I’m here to tell you that people are WRONG. Every major religion has agreed that baking the lust cake and placing it in your oven will send you straight to hell, and it’s about time we listened. Read more…

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Hello, Nice to Meet You, I Am A Pig That Lives Inside A Robot

Hi, hello, hi. So good to meet you – I’ve really heard so much. All of our mutual friends tell me that we’d get on famously, and your professional reputation certainly seems to precede you. I am a pig living inside of a woman-shaped robot. Read more…

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