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This I know: Nancy Mitford lives in the Minor Arcana, not the Major. She’s not interested in meditating on the meaning of Strength or Temperance or The Emperor, because big ideas are a boring distraction from the tender grey meat that is only found closer to the bone. Nancy pulls predominantly rods and swords. Read more…

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This weekend was significant for two reasons, the first of which is that I re-read Mallory Ortberg’s Things I Believe About Anna Wintour’s Affair With Bob Marley. The second is that I watched five episodes of Nigella Lawson’s At My Table, a TV show in which we are invited to watch Nigella eat, walk around her house, sit on her stairs in a kimono, and add spoonfuls of Aleppo pepper to eggs and yoghurt. Read more…

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There’s a misconception that I don’t like talking about my work, and I don’t think that’s fair. I would talk about it all the time if people asked the right questions.

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Protocol for lending me a book

Is there a symbol on the cover? If so, what is it? If the symbol is a weird triangle that is good, if the symbol is written in fire that is better. Read more…

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Virgina Lives To Tell The Tail

Last time, on Virgina: Virgina’s regular teen life is turned upside-down when she falls for the irrepressible D, a boy who seems strangely repressed for his age. What is D’s secret? What is he keeping from Virgina? And finally, what is D hiding? Catch up with the gang here, here and here or just read on anyway. 
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