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I can’t afford this but maybe you can: Rat Dress

rat print

I don’t know what occasion is fit for a rat dress, but I’m sad it doesn’t feature in my calendar.

What do you do with a rat print? Is it a neutral, the way leopard is a neutral? Where do you wear it? Do you wait for the birthday party of a detested rival, and wear it there, screaming “Rats to you, Susan! Rats to you!“?

Do you use it to make an impression at a job interview, or a wake? Honestly, I have been squinting at this dress for many hours now and I don’t know whether it is job interview or wake attire. Look at this fucking print, guys.


I know zany prints are having something of a moment right now and before seeing this dress earlier today in Birdsong, I thought I was pretty much done with being impressed by them. I have simply spent too long trying on unflattering tea dresses in Joy to be taken in by the diminishing returns of a quirky animal print. But nope! Turns out I can still be impressed, and I’m pretty pleased about that. What other stuff is out there for me?

The rat dress is designed by someone called Cleo Peppiat, and while I can’t afford Cleo’s clothing, I still like all her clothes a lot. Check out these rats, these rats having a party!


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