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The Unofficial Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Drinking Game

We went to see Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

In the event that you, too, decided to see Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, here’s an unofficial drinking game we’ve put together that you can print and take with you. YOU ARE GOING TO NEED IT. Read more…

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Funny Chicks

So we’ve been trolling this MRA creep on Twitter for the last couple of days,  and his spirit has proved disappointingly uncrushable. Anyway, he’s making some documentary about how women aren’t funny because they’re so busy stealing from their husbands, or how prostitutes exploit men, or something equally terrible, so to redress the balance, here are some comedy recommendations that all happen to be women. Read more…

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Who Said It: Jaden Smith or Alain De Botton

“It’s Your Birthday” Mateo Said. I Didn’t Respond. “Are You Not Excited To Be 15” He Asked. Reading My Book I Uttered “I Turned 15 Long Ago”

Read more…

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Loaded Weapon: The Problem With Lose the Lads Mags

When I left for uni, my mum and I went through my room and threw out a lot of stuff I didn’t need any more. Read more…

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Kanye or Christ

Hey everyone! We’ve got a fun new game for you! Read more…

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