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Sex is Terrible and We Should All Give It Up

This, I suspect, will be a hard sell.

People have been enjoying having sex with each other since the dawn of time but I’m here to tell you that people are WRONG. Every major religion has agreed that baking the lust cake and placing it in your oven will send you straight to hell, and it’s about time we listened. Read more…

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Fun Games For Poor People

With the Tories letting us poor-bums revel in the extensive happiness only barely cheaper beer and bingo can bring, I’ve decided to return the favour and help them out! Read more…

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Super(Market) Rude People

Somehow, and by completely by accident, I’ve found myself still working in a supermarket A WHOLE YEAR AND 2 MONTHS after leaving university. This oversight makes me suspect that I wouldn’t be a great army general, as it turns out I‘m not very good at noticing where I am or what I‘m doing; could be a disadvantage militarily. Read more…

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The Dark Side of Lorraine Kelly

As a member of the scarcely employed, my eyes are all over daytime TV like strange mushroomy growths are all over Jamie Oliver’s under carriage. That’s how I managed to bring you the Secret Life of Graham, the classified story of that pale egg with legs off Jezza Kyle. And if you read that eye bubbling piece of investigative truth-telling, I know what you’re thinking. You’re hungry for more! Read more…

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The Secret Life of Graham

I’ve watched a lot of The Jeremy Kyle Show. I sluttily let it into my eyes every afternoon, seduced by all the shouting and Jeremy’s alluring face canyons that have been formed over millions of years of anger. Read more…

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