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Virgina Lives To Tell The Tail

Last time, on Virgina: Virgina’s regular teen life is turned upside-down when she falls for the irrepressible D, a boy who seems strangely repressed for his age. What is D’s secret? What is he keeping from Virgina? And finally, what is D hiding? Catch up with the gang here, here and here or just read on anyway. 
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Cross Your Heart

The best thing about me is that I was a kid once. It’s probably the best thing about you too, if you’re honest. Which you’re not, because you’re a grown-up, with stupid reading grown-up eyes that sag at the ceiling and pull about nervously in case someone figures you out, which we won’t, because we’re grownups and we don’t look at people for long enough periods of time to figure them out. Read more…

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Lunch Break Read: Nice Chats With Rough-Handed Men

Bad decisions have it tough. It’s a lonely life, the life of a bad decision, especially considering the spectacular lack of recognition and rubbish pension plan. Read more…

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Awkwardly Erotic Tale of Virgina and Her Lab Partner

The story so far: Virgina, the girl so universally vacant that literally anyone between the ages of 12 and 38 can relate to her, has fallen madly in love or something with the mysterious D. Where did he come from? Why is he so interested in her? What, if anything, is his obsession with smaller land mammals really about? The story continues today, although not much, and with minimum regard for an actual narrative. Read parts 1-3 here, here and here, and then come back over here for some more. Read more…

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The Awkwardly Erotic Tale of Virgina Fobbing Off Class

Previously on The Awkwardly Erotic Tale of Virgina Something Something Class, our heroine (I guess? Are we calling her that?) met and had short erotic interactions with the mysterious D. and you bloody well loved it, you perverts. This week, Virgina goes to a hotel, which is obviously no place for a teenager. Read more…

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