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It's Time To Start Representing Men Better in Film

Following the recent complaints around the marginalization of men in films, we would like to issue the following reminder to all major studios as a warning that, while men may not make up the majority of the film going public, buy fast moving consumer goods or exercise their right to vote that often, they are still a significant demographic and must therefore be catered for. Our failure to fully cater for men is a grievous oversight that we must work swiftly to rectify. To that end, here follows a list of guidelines for future endeavours. Read more…

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So You’ve Decided to Be a Famous Author

I am not very good at earning or keeping money. I mean, I may not be that bad at keeping money for all I know – I never earn enough that keeping it is a question.Over the years, whenever I discovered myself in desperate need, the only solution my brain would present me with was “ooh, I know, write a book.” Read more…

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A Romantic Nonevent

There is no one so deserving of a mutually beneficial relationship of the heart as the perennial single twenty something, in the eyes of her friends. Or, there is nothing so bizarre and unnatural as the perennial single twenty something, in the eyes of her friends. And sometimes, in between saying things like “we have to find you a man,” and “there has to be someone who’d take you,” her friends will be moved to do something about it.

This is the story of one such occasion. Read more…

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Along with all sensible people, I saw Pacific Rim as soon as it came out. I sat there, wearing the biggest and most ridiculous 3D glasses ever to exist (yes, I saw it in 3D, yes, that was a mistake, no, it wasn’t my idea, but it WAS my first ever iMax experience, so…), grasping the nearest male hand (which, fortunately, didn’t belong to a stranger) in excitement, waiting to CANCEL THE APOCALYPSE with Idris Elba, et al. Read more…

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The Stupid Things that Britain Persists With

Real talk, guys, I’m gonna open up the floor here on culture shock. I’m going to ask the Big Questions. The one Big Question. And that is: why all you Brits do such cray things? Read more…

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