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This weekend was significant for two reasons, the first of which is that I re-read Mallory Ortberg’s Things I Believe About Anna Wintour’s Affair With Bob Marley. The second is that I watched five episodes of Nigella Lawson’s At My Table, a TV show in which we are invited to watch Nigella eat, walk around her house, sit on her stairs in a kimono, and add spoonfuls of Aleppo pepper to eggs and yoghurt. Read more…

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Very Smart Man Has Other Problem

You might think that, if you were me, you wouldn’t have my problems: but you would. You might think that, if you were one of the smartest, if not the smartest man in the early to mid-twentieth century, you would make brain-hay while the sun shines. You would use your nimble mind to do what was asked of you, without question, and you wouldn’t get yourself into all the trouble that I seem to. You wouldn’t, because you couldn’t. I am a Very Smart Man, and I have One Other Problem.  Read more…

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Appropriate Deaths for Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers’ age was so much of a part of her act that you were, in some way, always prepared for her death. Read more…

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Do Not Date A Girl Who Is Raising A Spider Army

She is the one with the tousled hair and the shed she won’t let you go into. Ha ha, she says, I can’t find the key. She always has a story. Read more…

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There Is So Much Natural Beauty in the World, Also, Iron Maiden

It makes me so sad. Humans are better connected than ever, but in this age of constant communication, it seems like we never actually connect in any meaningful way.

We live in an age of information, but we know so much less; only what can be broadcast in 140-characters or skim-read on the train.

More money. Newer devices. Faster computers. Better technology. These are distractions that don’t  really make us happy. Human pleasure comes from far simpler places: free love, the beauty of nature, and of course, the sweet kick-ass metal licks of the band Iron Maiden. Read more…

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